Mike McKenzie

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Progress, time off, holidays...

So now that I have a bit of time off, work on the All Rivers project will resume. We had our first writing session in a while last night. I've been away on the Gwar/JFAC tour since September. But the song with the working title, "River Reunion" has advanced to level 3.02b. Excerpts are becoming songs and songs are becoming universes. Erica has a means to record music now, which should expedite our riffing. 5 skeletons of songs are taking shape. We are excited.

I'll be working on music for Stomach Earth finally...people have been asking me about this for a while. I know it has been very slow to materialize. There is a link in the Projects section.

The picture above is from Cheeburger Cheeburger in Denver. Guy and I are hanging on their wall of victory for eating 20 oz burgers.

Happy Holidays!