Mike McKenzie

Composer | Sound Designer

Reeling It In

Everything seems to take longer these days.  Outside of making metal records, I do a lot of freelance work.  If you're curious to hear some of that, I just posted a bit of a reel on my SoundCloud. You can check that out here:

Speaking of freelance work; a short film I scored is playing at the Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, MA on Wednesday the 29th as a part of the Different Faces Different Voices Film Festival.  The short is called Femina, Fuge! and it plays during screening 2.  If you're interested in checking it out, you can buy tickets here: http://www.brattlefilm.org/2016/06/29/screening-ii/

Next week, I'll have a possibly weird piece of music up. Thanks for reading. I like pretzels.