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Finger Damage Inc.

A little physical therapy for my recently mashed index finger.

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For the last few weeks I've been easing back into playing guitar.  I smashed my index finger on my right hand on a table, causing the middle joint to bend completely the opposite way.  I didn't actually break or fracture anything but my finger was an unusable breakfast sausage for a few weeks.  It's only now starting to feel somewhat normal.  As a lefty guitar player, it hasn't been ideal.  But I'm getting back into it.

We start tracking vocals for the To The Death record this week.  Jonny Fay did a great job tracking everything else.  He's an incredibly thorough engineer (and person) so I'm ultra-prepared to mix this thing.  I'm really looking forward to working on this record; the band did a great job with the songs.  Real mean old school death metal.

Currently listening to the Streets of Rage soundtrack. Yuzo Koshiro rules!